Stec Records is headquarters for the industrious mind of Bob Sellon.  

Bob is a true
renaissance man.  You name it, he's GREAT at it:  Music, videos, electronics and software engineering.  He's an accomplished  chili chef too !  Bob is a co-inventor of The Lexicon JamMan , but this product only scratches the surface of what he's capable of.  The guy never ceases to amaze....   

I've been playing, recording, camping and hanging with Bob since we first met at Lexicon Inc. in 1988.  We've been solid friends ever since, and I can always count on him for inspiration and great ideas.   Check out
today and see what Bob is cooking up !

Kenny Hogan is a bonehead.....but I've been playing in bands with him since I was 14 years old.  He has introduced me to some of the best music, books and philosophies anyone could imagine.  He has a refreshingly bent sense of humor that many people rely on to snap them out of their mind numbing day-to-day existence.

Oh yeah......  He sings and plays his @$$  off, and his songwriting........ well, go to his website and listen for yourself.

I would rather play with Kenny Hogan than with the finest musicians in the world........8^O
Check out
and see what I mean.

Here's a song Kenny wrote about giving THANKS....

Joey Scott and the Connection

Joey Scott and the Connection is one of the finest, top quality special event bands available. Their client list reads like the “who's who” of movers and shakers from coast to coast.

I pasted that from their website.  The truth is, if you hire this band your guests will have so much fun they will have to be hospitalized !  That's OK though, because Joey holds a Doctorate in Fun, and he has been known to administer treatment RIGHT ON THE DANCE FLOOR !!!!  Check out and start planning the best party you'll ever have !